Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anti-Civ Dictums mailings

Received 100 copies of the pamphlet from the printer, Darlene Altschul, mid-April, 2011


Darlene Altschul (mail artist)
Blaster Al Ackerman (mail artist)
Eerie Billy Haddock (mail artist)
Dan Todd/Lang Gore (radical author)
Brittany Gravely (filmmaker)
Wolfi Landstreicher (radical author)
Jack Saunders (Florida author)
Chellis Glendinning (radical author)
Skylar Fein (artist)


Sue Poe (Popular Reality)
Jason Rodgers (Media Junkie/Psionic Plastic Joy)
Encian (Tigerlad)
Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer)
Stu Stratu (Blackguard)
Dave Drexler (Out of Control)
Thomas Marc Hoy (Dreams & Visions)
Matt (Wildlifoodin)
Randy Robbins (Narcolepsy Press)
Saxon Wood (News From Nowhere)
Jason Dean (No Hope comics)
Jessy K. (LetterFounder)
Alex Wrekk (Brainscan)
Ron Sakolsky (Oyster Catcher)
Lisa Ahne (Ab)
Kirk Cockerill (Despondent Times)
Dean (Reader's Digress)
Anthony Abelaye (Koogmo)
Deborah & Laura (Fuzzy Lunchbox)
Gianni Simone (Orga{ni}sm)
Fred Woodworth (The Match!)
Ross Priddle (bentspoon blog)
Anthony Walent (Communicating Vessels)
Kjartan Aronsson (Karno Klassics)
Christopher Robin (Zen Baby)
James N. Dawson (Junk Zine)
DJ Frederick (One Minute Zine Reviews)


Microcosm Publishing
Wild Nettle - Winona
Black Powder - Santa Cruz
Anthony Rayson - South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
Sky Cosby/Last Earth Distro - Walla Walla (7 copies)
Silent City Distro - Ithaca


Fifth Estate
Earth First! Journal
Eberhardt press
Xerography Dept
Zine World
Black & Red Press
Jason McQuinn/Modern Slavery
Adam Parfrey/Feral House
Ron Lessard/RRRecords
Broken Pencil


Long Haul - Berkeley
Bound Together - San Francisco
Wooden Shoe - Philidelphia
Sedition - Houston
Madison Infoshop
Red Emma's - Baltimore
Bluestockings - Lower East Side
Big Idea - Pittsburgh
Boxcar Books - Bloomington
MonkeyWrench - Austin
Left Bank - Seattle
Reading Frenzy - Portland
Librairie L'Insoumise - Montreal
Solidarity - Louisville
WilderPress! & Dirty Hands Collective - Durango
Atomic Books - Baltimore (3 copies)
Mayday Books - Minneapolis
Exile Infoshop - Ottawa
Spartacus - Vancouver
The Iron Rail - New Orleans
Cream City Collectives/Mathilde Anneke Infoshop - Milwaukee
Camas Books & Infoshop - Victoria
Mondragon - Winnipeg
Internationalist Books - Chapel Hill
Jura Books - Sydney
Food For Thought - Amherst
Flying Brick Library - Richmond
CAFE Infoshop - Fresno
Build Up Books - Denver
Elm City Infoshop - New Haven
Bloom Collective - Grand Rapids

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