Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Generous review by Clell Miller of "Let's Side" zine

Issue #13. Not available on-line, unfortunately. You'll have to order a copy from Clell.

Clell is one of the last surviving members of the James-Younger gang, so that's nice.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blaster Al Ackerman, RIP

Just heard about this today. Sorry to hear it. He was very generous to me to allow me to use one of his best graphic pieces for the cover of my pamphlet.

I definitely liked his graphic output a lot more than his written stuff. I could never see what all the fuss was about his written stuff.

Anyway, he was 74 and I reckon he probably had a few good innings.

Monday, August 5, 2013

new Table of Contents

* The Mega-SoapOpera's Gonna Eat Your Balls
* Rocks In Our Head
* Cities Are a Living Sickness
* Godhood Project
* Super Moms
* Thus Spake Cum-fuck-see-us!
* Further Reading
* John Holt quote
* The Iron Law of Oligarchy
There are also quite a few new illustrations, mostly that I picked up at random from browsing tumblr blogs, but also two that I commissioned from Sorenutz007. I have no plan to post them here.

The Mega-SoapOpera's Gonna Eat Your Balls

The Mega-SoapOpera wants you to feel so lucky to be a part of it. I'm here to tell ya it don't mean you no good.

They want you to believe you're some kind of anti-social mental defective if you don't like living in their kind of society. They want you to believe that they have a monopoly on wholesome, healthy, social living. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their kind of living is hollow, tedious and vile. It's the life for slimy, squirming human maggots.

If you and your forebears have lived in a rural area for some generations then you have a chance of living a decent life. The chances are further improved if you had sense enough when coming of age to ignore the Mega-SoapOpera's propaganda about "escaping" the limitations of your home. Such an escape is a primrose path that leads to being trapped in an over-educated, over-specialized career, shuffling from shithole city to shithole city.

Compulsory education, mass media, mass culture and mass production are all designed to rope you into the Mega-SoapOpera starting at an early age. Living a largely carnal, subsistence life is the only way to go if you want true independence and peace of mind. Such a life shines with a warm under-glamour.

You don't need a lot of intellectual folderol or spiritual mumbo-jumbo to feel righteous in your carnal being. You were born feeling righteous, it's only the Mega-SoapOpera that works constantly to undermine your confidence by bombarding you with endless propaganda and merchandise.

It doesn't take a genius to see the armor of social construction that the Mega-SoapOpera's minions wear, armor that preserves and protects their vaunted social standing. Decent people don't need such armor, even though it means you have to put up with occasional rough handling.

The Mega-SoapOpera is an ever-expanding pyramid scheme that constantly requires a fresh crop of dupes and suckers. In order to house and employ these new suckers they continually need to "develop" new territory, disrupting the decent rural folk; it's only a matter a time before your home will be degraded, corrupted and absorbed. You can't fight it, you can only re-locate to another rural area.

Re-locating is no joke, however, since it generally means parting from old friends and neighbors. Nevertheless, you must stifle your resentment. A hostile attitude only succeeds in making itself a target for persecution. Of course, only a fool and a coward believes that the best way to defend oneself from the Mega-SoapOpera is to sell out to it.