Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Corrosive Inorganic

Instrumentality is fundamentally inorganic. The inorganic is fundamentally at odds with the organic. Prolonged intimate contact with the inorganic is corrosive.

The thrust for agrandizement is a basic, over-arching part of the joy of living. Instrumentality was adopted by humans to serve their needs for agrandizement.

A human being is a highly complex, highly evolved and tightly integrated organism. Prolonged integration with inorganic instrumentality nessessaritly results in unhealthy maladaptations.

Of course, one can lead a fairly organic life, including the pursuit of agrandizement, as long as you shun a heavy commitment to instrumentality. It's not really a matter of preferring simplicity per se, although living an organic life does tend to be a simpler.

Working for "The Man" ain't organic. Keeping up with the Joneses ain't organic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Respecting willful ignorance

The upper classes are dehumanized by the complex instrumentalities they are master of.

Instrumentality engenders dehumanization. For each instrumentality you master you lose some basic carnality. This affects men much more than women. You can regain some carnality by renouncing the use of some instrumentalities.

Older cultures such as India and China have holy men that willfully opt out of the mastery of socially useful instrumentalities. That would probably be a good custom to adopt in the Western world.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The price of human aggrandizement

1) Dehumanization of the upper classes
2) Immiseration of the under classes
3) Mega death to the Living World

Of course we're all taught from infancy that the upper classes are super-humanized, not dehumanized.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dog rectums

Wake up and sniff the dog rectums. The chief end of Man is aggrandizement.

The only thing that impresses women is power and the only thing that interests them is babies.

If mothers loved their SONS they wouldn't send them to school. Let's face it, girls eat that school shit up.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

In the Days of Victorio

Torres: "Why do they want to put us at San Carlos again?"

Grandmother: "So that we may die. Their alibi is that they wish to civilize us. That means they want to make thieves and liars of us like themselves. It means that those of who live will degenerate. We will become weak and useless from the illnesses and vices of the White Eyes. It means that some may even turn against their own people to curry favor with the agents. They will see their own go hungry and lift no hand to help them. It means they will live only for themselves, selling the food needed by their brothers, even as the agents do. Torres, never trust a White Eye."

-From "In the Days of Victorio" as told by James Kaywaykla to Eve Ball.