Monday, September 21, 2015

Great review in the September "Hiroshima Yeah!"

Described on his blog ( as "a radical anti-politics pamphlet (...) written from the perspective of an illiterate, 18th-century peasant abruptly transplanted into the modern, industrial world" that is "intended as a piece of moral and intellectual vandalism", the two issues I have of this are filled with inspirational quotes like "If mothers really loved their children they wouldn't send them to school" and "It takes generations of devout cocksucking to attain middle-class godhood". There are also interesting articles with titles like The Mega-SoapOpera's Gonna Eat Your Balls, Cities Are a Living Sickness, Their Fucking Moon and Wholesome Castration as well as quite a bit of groovy artwork.
The review is by the HY! main man, Mark Ritchie. Many of the early issues of HY! are available online. Thanks, Mark!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Excerpt from an early letter from Ted Kaczynski to his brother David

"As you know, I have no respect for law or morality. Why have I never committed any crime? (of course, I'm not talking about something like shooting a grouse out of season now and then. I mean felony type stuff -- burglary, arson, murder, etc.) Lack of motive? Hardly. As you know, I have a good deal of anger in me and there are lots of people I'd like to hurt. Risk? In some cases, yes. But there are other cases in which I can figure out ways of doing naughty things so that the risk would be insignificant. I am forced to the humiliating confession that the reason I've never committed any crime is that I have been successfully brainwashed by society. On an intellectual level I have only contempt for authority, but on an animal level I have all too much respect for it. My training has been quite successful in this regard and the strength of my conditioned inhibitions is such that I don't believe that I could ever commit a serious crime. Knowing my attitude toward psychological manipulation of the individual by society, you can imagine how humiliating it is for me to admit to myself that I have been successfully manipulated."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leaving Boston

Tired of getting into plastic hassles with the t-shirt and notebook morality brigade (most recently, the Greenpeace hucksters), tired of getting into plastic hassles with the slick and sassy Lucy Parsons contingent. Tired of all the helicopters overhead. Tired of the cars. Tired of all the buildings. Tired of dreary, depressing scenery. Tired of the fucking libraries. Tired of the subway. Tired of all the hot little college/city chicks on the make in the big city. Tired of all the hardass business men.

-Taken from my Earnest Sludge blog, August '07. Didn't get around to leaving until July '09.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of "After Eden" by Kirkpatrick Sale

Great review.

"After Eden: The Evolution of Human Domination" by Kirkpatrick Sale

Got my copy of this yesterday and have been reading it pretty much non-stop since then. Really riveting account of how mankind got to be such hard-assed bastards. It all started with the advent of hunting 70,000 years ago after a huge volcanic eruption. Anyway, it's a real short book, only 140 pages, so it's more like an extended magazine article than a book, but that's totally fine with me. Oh, and it's got primitive cave art on the cover which should make my buddies over at Deep Green Resistance happy.

Sale is also the one who did the excellent Luddite book, Rebels Against the Future. Anyway, this one definitely merits inclusion on my Anti-Civ recommended reading list.
This is an old review taken from my Earnest Sludge blog, Feb. 2007.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Further Reading


Bert & Holly Davis - Dwelling Portably

Clive Ponting - A New Green History of the World

Mark Nathan Cohen - Health and the Rise of Civilization

Fred Pearce - Earth Then and Now

John Zerzan - Elements of Refusal & Future Primitive Revisited

John Hemming - Red Gold


Glenn Parton - The Machine in Our Heads

Russell Means - For America to Live, Europe Must Die

James Woodburn - Egalitarian Societies

1st-Person Narratives

Aaron Dactyl - Railroad Semantics

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - The Harmless People

Daniel L. Everett - Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

Hunter S. Thompson - Hell's Angels

John Tanner - The Falcon

Germaine Warkentin, ed. - Canadian Exploration Literature


Titian Beresford - Nina Foxton

Samuel Delany - Hogg

Charles Platt - The Gas

Ed Sanders - Shards of God

Alfred Chester - The Exquisite Corpse

Tom De Haven - Freaks' Amour

Friedrich Durrenmatt - The Tunnel