Sunday, August 9, 2015

Further Reading


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Mark Nathan Cohen - Health and the Rise of Civilization

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John Zerzan - Elements of Refusal & Future Primitive Revisited

John Hemming - Red Gold


Glenn Parton - The Machine in Our Heads

Russell Means - For America to Live, Europe Must Die

James Woodburn - Egalitarian Societies

1st-Person Narratives

Aaron Dactyl - Railroad Semantics

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - The Harmless People

Daniel L. Everett - Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

Hunter S. Thompson - Hell's Angels

John Tanner - The Falcon

Germaine Warkentin, ed. - Canadian Exploration Literature


Titian Beresford - Nina Foxton

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Alfred Chester - The Exquisite Corpse

Tom De Haven - Freaks' Amour

Friedrich Durrenmatt - The Tunnel

Thus Spake Cum-fuck-see-us!

I spake all over your face and stuff!

Sacred Hearts

If mothers really loved their children they wouldn't send them to school.

The modern world reeks with the pious stench of mommy-love.

A woman's first loyalty is to Civilization, the ultimate Big Fuckin' Daddy.

Women think they can humanize anything.

Mind Manacles

Work sours everything.

Rationality is a crystalline brain infection.

Our upbringing ensnares us in a tangle of grids.

Compulsory education is mind-mangling torture.

Reading a book is like crawling in a hole.

Culture: second-hand dog shit.

It takes generations of devout cocksucking to attain Civilization godhood.

Religions and ideologies are just varieties of human narcissism.


We are maimed and crippled by instrumentality.

Instrumentality engenders self-consciousness, alienation and the mind-body split.

The function of eggheads and highbrows is to promote self-consciousness.

The balance of nature was upset with the first tool use.

Math & Science

Science wipes its ass with our forebears.

Is Math the handmaiden of Science or is Science the brown-nosing ass-licker of Math?

Math & Science makes dead things dance a merry jig.

The Living World

Control is Science's motive for understanding the Living World.

Civilization's life kills the Living World.

The Living World is doomed - just save yourself.

Wholesome Castration

The following is the only way to explain Civilization's enormity, acceptance and growth. Women have allowed their good qualities to be abstracted and heaped up all over everything, turning the whole world into a gigantic daycare.


Civilization aspires to be a surrogate Mother Earth. It's irredeemable. Don't hang your hopes on it. The only way to live a decent life is to focus on one's carnal/bestial feelings.

These days, apologists are proposing lifestyle changes purporting to improve your personal life while contributing to alleviating the chronic problems affecting everyone in Civilization. What they are really proposing is a new form of drone-hood. They want us to believe we can enjoy a simple, natural life AND still enjoy the benefits of Civilization. This is a lie.

Japanese civilization leads the world in having a hyper-domesticated populace. Uniform emasculation and infantilization are what we are all headed for. We are headed for "Hello Kitty" world. A couple hundred years ago it was a requirement that Chinese government administrators be castrated. That's not necessary any more since women have proved to be such excellent administrators. And Japanese men are so frustrated and emasculated that molestation incidents on public transit run rampant.

There's no way to reverse the universal trend. You can only live your own life for its own sake.

All control emanates from motherhood. Look at primitive societies and note that the drudge-work is done by women. Moralists want us to be disgusted with the male oppression. I see it as a natural stage in the evolution of human societies and that the respective roles taken on by the genders was voluntary and negotiated. I also believe that women were responsible for the initial, prehistoric development and adoption of agriculture (and that's a bad thing). I see primitive woman's drudge-work as being more dominating and controlling than primitive man's roles of hunter and warrior.

Every step in the evolution of human societies has involved exerting, and submitting to, increased control. Each step has been, more or less, voluntary and negotiated. The massive accumulation of control from all the previous steps has become more and more over-whelming and alien.

The control that saturates our lives inherits the wholesomeness of its origin: motherhood. This hyper-control serves the "sanctity of human life" no matter what the cost in terms of dehumanization. It renders us little more than human maggots protected by exoskeletons of social construction. Civilization's wholesomeness is the wholesomeness of Wonder Bread; a grotesque narcissism.

And then there's all that lovey-dovey crap about Jesus and his mom.

A decent human life is one that's centered on one's carnal/bestial feelings. Generally, this entails living outside the physical, material and medical protection of Civilization.

Once you've become habituated to the security and protection of Civilization it's difficult to step outside. But if you feel it in your guts, bones and muscles then you can make a fair amount of progress just by letting yourself drift. Ya gotta trust your guts, etc., your heart and brain are just too sluttish.

Civilization delivers the goods, it gives women what they want: children and longevity for their children. Women are well aware of the trade-offs and the dehumanization and they still feel it's worth it. And a man can put up with all kinds of crap as long as he's got a steady woman to make him feel like a mighty, mighty man.

Rocks in Our Head

This note's for those who resent being trapped in a world of dead things.

The Modern World is founded on an unspoken article of faith that asserts the primacy of dead things.  This is because dead things are so useful for a world obsessed with domination and control. Dead things are easy to exploit and to use as instruments of the Modern World's will. Math, physics, chemistry and technology are all totally dead-thing oriented, as is the mountain of other mental apparatus at work in the Modern World: ideals, abstractions, symbols, literacy, quantification, laws, objective morality, philosophy, religion, etc.

 The Modern World is very anti-life. Note all the antibiotics, antibacterials, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that are so prevalent. Most of the food you buy has had all the life processed out of it or is wrapped in sterile packaging. It's as if the Modern World and the Living World are pitted against each other in unending antagonism.

The only living things valued by the Modern World are half-dead, degraded examples of their species: domesticated humans (i.e., citizens of the Modern World); agricultural plants, the lawns, shrubs and trees of landscaped areas; and domesticated animals and zoo animals. The new Green-ification initiative of the Modern World will, no doubt, promulgate a load of hot air about how a world of dead things can co-exist with one of living things.

Ironically, much of the domination and control perpetrated by the Modern World is powered by the residual life energy of ancient vegetable matter, i.e., fossil fuel. It's a tragic fact that the Modern World will continue to expand and consolidate all over the globe at least until the end of the fossil fuel age - killing all it touches.

In urban and suburban environments we're completely encased and surrounded by artificial artifacts a.k.a. dead things; a vast man-made desert. While living in the city it's easy to feel imprisoned in an endless urban labyrinth.

The Modern World also shows its boundless contempt for the Living World by the wanton way it destroys it with its pollution and industrial activity.

The domesticating mill we're all put through in our formative years (education, parents, mass culture) drums this primacy-of-dead-things article of faith into us over and over. We can't begin to become the useful and subservient subjects that the Modern World requires until this fundamental belief has been fully internalized, until it becomes second nature. This process effectively forces an unnatural mental component to be constructed in one's mind. This component alters one's perceptions and thinking by constantly forcing them to focus on, and interact with, dead things. This component becomes the dominant component that rules and directs our being.

People undergoing this orienting-to-dead-things process are forced to repress their animal natures and allow themselves to be alienated from their true feelings in order to adapt to it. This process creates a deep, irreconcilable split in our psyches and renders us neurotic and depressed. Two things people do to compensate is to listen to pop music and to watch spectator sports. Pop music soothes the pain of having to live in this unnatural way. Watching spectator sports helps the spectator re-experience living fully in their animal body.

Such an unnatural mental component cannot endure into adulthood without continual reinforcement from: higher education, parents, mass culture, peer pressure, employment requirements, idealism and religious beliefs. The negative effects from striving to maintain employment are by far the most damaging.

Having had to undergo this orienting-to-dead-things process starting at a very early age, how can we even begin to imagine what our life might have been like had we been raised the natural way and been allowed to focus on living things? Nonetheless, there's hope for healing ourselves of much of the damage. Much healing can be achieved by re-orienting ourselves around living things. Leading a physically vigorous, down-and-dirty life is very helpful, too.

Many people living in 1st world countries enjoy great material comfort and feel greatly empowered by the high tech tools they use. They feel that the mental and physical sacrifices required by the Modern World are well worth it. To me, such people have always seemed like cold, hard automatons.

And finally, although it's neither here nor there, one can't help but wonder how the human animal's raw capacity for doing all this freakish shit came about.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Amniotic Puke

After a lifetime of being humiliated and over-awed by the human-made world, Anarchism enabled me to get out from under.

Stepping Stone

For me, Anarchism was a stepping stone to a simpler, more direct life, a better life. Anarchism was essential to this process because it allowed me to understand the incalculably huge and complex human-made world. There may be other ways to arrive at such an understanding but I can't conceive of them. And without such an understanding it's impossible to feel confident and secure in living a simple life. Another way of saying this is that without such an understanding the human-made world seems so huge and alien that it's impossible not to feel over-whelmed and menaced.


I'm not going to claim Anarchism is a sure-fire path to obtaining such an understanding. Most people who are exposed to Anarchism get into it when they are young as part of the Punk, or college-hipster, scenes. They toy with the idea and then move on to something else, often Leftism.

Old Fart

As for myself, I started getting into Anarchism in my early 50s. My primary purpose was to try and understand the human-made world and my place in it. I refused to believe such an understanding was not achievable by a motivated individual like myself. Just prior to investigating Anarchism I had been trying to commit myself to Leftism but had gotten discouraged because Leftism's solutions were obviously too huge and complex to be workable. That's when I stumbled onto Anti-Civilization Anarchism.

Anti-Civilization Anarchism

Anti-Civilization Anarchism appealed to me because of my roots. I had grown up in the country in a largely working-class family and I'd also been a hippie in the early '70s. Much of Anti-Civilization Anarchist thought validates and nurtures such simple, down-to-earth, intuitive roots.

I've always been a loner and an outsider, as well. This fits well with Anti-Civilization Anarchism because it addresses the human-man world as a whole as viewed from the outside.


Unfortunately, at the end of the day, much of Anti-Civilization Anarchist practice is too bougie, messianic and militant, making outrageous claims about wanting to save humanity and the biosphere. It's still too mass-society oriented, too moralizing, too Leftist. I believe the only solid benefits to be derived from Anti-Civilization Anarchism are through personal life-way choices.


I confess I had unreasonably high expectations of Anarchism's ability to help me solve my personal problems. I felt that although it's hard to live a healthy life in a sick system (and all systems are sick), I believed that if you found a healthy way to relate to the human-made world then you could make significant improvements. Although it didn't solve my problems as much as I had hoped it did alleviate them.


Some improvements I've derived from Anarchism: I enjoy being around working-class people, it feels right and natural to dislike upper-class people, I no longer crave the human-made world's approval, I live in a small town, my low income suits me and I ride my bike every day.

Unfortunately, it hasn't done anything to improve my sex life, so I'm resigned to being a bitter old masturbator.


I wish I'd gotten into Anti-Civilization Anarchism 20 years earlier: I could have had a healthy, physically active life and lived a lot closer to unspoiled nature; I could have had a lot more social satisfaction and family fulfillment; I could have had some kick-ass carnal adventure and excitement.