Monday, March 30, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Escarpment breakfast

Instead of a continental breakfast, get an Escarpment of Hell breakfast: Brazil nuts.

rhino onrush blabber-bomb for world famous

But ya gotta be in the blab-burbational zone. Ya really gotta be blab-burbatin' like mad. Y'unnerstan'???

Actually, we live in the age of images. You might as well perfect your ability to construct phonetic spellings of bodily noises.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

more Men and Women

Women are the mainline. Men are just the fuzz on the pea-vine.

There's poetry for ya.

Choosing a woman, getting a real life

If ya wanna stay free, choose a non-privileged woman from an less-industrialized or non-industrialized background. There's no way you can get a middle-class princess to come down off her pedestal, her high-fuckin'-horse.

As for other companions, I've re-thought what I posted a day or so ago. Traveling and re-locating alone is both lonely and dangerous. But a "tightly-knit" group is a pain in the ass too. You should just hang loose and drift with a couple pals. Stay in one place only as long as it suits you, don't be too anxious to put down roots.

The only people doing this kind of thing these days are crust punks. And Latino/Latina migrant workers, I guess. Of course, the Latinos want more power and privilege and are more than willing to endure the necessary reduction in freedom that comes with them.

The kind of life I'm advocating involves a fair amount of tedium and manual labor, at least compared to suburban, middle-class. On the other hand, you'll be more immersed in wild nature and you'll have real, down-to-earth companions to hang out with. This should more than compensate for the lack of pizza, lite beer, NFL football and Redbox DVDs.

And of course, having a firm, gut-level grip on the means and reasons for your way of living is a huge plus.

Of course you'll want to have children and that'll hamper your movements. But having children is a major fulfillment in life.

Of course, Latin America is the natural choice of a region for Americans/Canadians to drift into in search of greater freedom. Such a change would be hard, rough and risky, at least for the first generation. And you wouldn't want to get sucked into one of the mega-slums in that region.

My upbringing in the backwoods of New England was relatively less-industrialized than the mainstream of America. My parents deeply resented many of the social and technological changes forced on them in the course of the 20th century. They greatly admired the Amish for keeping to the old ways. Of course, nowadays the Amish have almost totally sold out to modern lifestyles.

I should write all this up in a mini-essay.